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Healing Waters:
Nature Informed Therapy
Anxiety Relief
A Training Seminar in Cape May

About the Training


In the "Nature Informed Therapy for Anxiety" seminar with Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan, participants explore a comprehensive 6-step treatment plan focusing on the therapeutic benefits of water and nature. Techniques for calming the nervous system, fostering self-compassion, and utilizing mindfulness-based interventions are highlighted. The seminar also addresses attachment anxiety, the significance of finding purpose, and establishing a maintenance plan for lasting improvement. Additionally, an exciting extracurricular activity features insights from Bev Gorman, a Riso-Hudson certified Enneagram teacher, on how one's Enneagram type can enrich their nature-informed practice.

Key Highlights:

  • Creating Calm: Learn techniques to soothe the nervous system, including water therapy which activates the parasympathetic nervous system, leading to decreased heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. The rhythmic movements involved in aquatic activities can also induce a meditative state, further calming the mind and reducing anxiety.

  • Self-Compassion: Emphasize the importance of nurturing self-compassion.

  • Mindfulness: Implement mindfulness-based cognitive and behavioral interventions. Explore the concept of mindfulness in relation to water activities such as swimming, floating, or simply listening to the sound of water to become more present, reduce rumination, and manage anxious thoughts and emotions.

  • Alleviating Attachment Anxiety: Explore strategies to reduce attachment-related anxieties.

  • Finding Purpose: Clarify values, purpose, and meaning in life.

  • Maintenance Plan: Establish a comprehensive plan for sustained improvement.

  • Enneagram Insights: Discover how your Enneagram type can enhance your approach to nature-informed therapy.

  • Nature and Water: Discuss the therapeutic benefits of being in natural water environments, such as lakes, rivers, or the ocean. Explain how exposure to natural elements like sunlight, fresh air, and natural scenery can have a calming effect on the mind and body, reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Upcoming Course

Course Start Date
Course End Date
5 Days
Cape May, NJ

“We are beginning to learn that our brains are hardwired to react positively to water and that being near it can calm and connect us, increase innovation and insight, and even heal what’s broken.”

Wallace J. Nichols, Blue Mind

Instructor Highlights

Heidi Schreiber-Pan


Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan is a renowned expert in Nature-Informed Therapy, with over two decades of pioneering work in integrating ecological principles into psychological practice. Her academic rigor, exemplified by a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, underpins her innovative BioPsychoSocial-Spiritual Model of Well-being. Author of the acclaimed book "Taming the Anxious Mid: A Guidebook to Relieve Stress & Anxiety" and "The Outside Within: Stories of nature's role in psychological well-being".  Dr. Schreiber-Pan is also the founder of the Nature Informed Therapy Center. An impassioned educator and nature therapist, her work not only advances mental health but also underscores the vital role of environmental stewardship in public well-being.

Bev 1.jpg

Bev Gorman

RN, Enneagram Coach

Bev Gorman brings a wealth of experience to our training as a Registered Nurse and Enneagram Coach, certified through the Enneagram Institute. With her background as a Co-Active Life Coach and membership in the International Enneagram Association, she specializes in personal and relational coaching using the Enneagram. Bev's expertise extends to leading workshops and retreats for various organizations, focusing on introspective growth and relational dynamics. Her contribution to our seminar will offer unique insights into how the Enneagram can enrich nature-informed practices.

Logistics & Registration

Prepare to engage with nature and deepen your therapeutic skills on this one-day live online training.  Here's what participants need to know:

When: May 13th - May 17th (5 days)

Where: 101 Lehigh Ave, Cape May Point, NJ

Cost: $2000 per person

Scholarship Available: Limited need-based scholarship available.  Apply here.

CE Details

 Center for Nature Informed Therapy has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7473. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Center for Nature Informed Therapy is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.  Nature Informed Therapy Training Level I: Integrating Nature into Your Clinical Practice Live 3-Day Program will earn 12.5 NBCC credit hours.  


The Center for Nature Informed Therapy is solely responsible for all aspects of the program

The Center for Nature Informed Therapy is currently PENDING APPROVAL by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) to be a provider of continuing education credit. ​​.


This program consists of 12.5 NBCC clock hours of continuing education instruction. Credit requirements and approvals vary per state board regulations. Please save the course outline, the certificate of completion you receive from the activity and contact your state board or organization to determine specific filing requirements 


More About the Training

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for clinicians looking to incorporate Nature Informed Therapy into their practice, enhancing treatment for anxiety disorders with a focus on the healing aspects of water and nature.

Training Objectives

  • Investigate the neurological processes underlying anxiety in clients through a nature-informed therapy lens.

  • Differentiate between anxiety symptoms rooted in the amygdala and those influenced by the cortex, and tailor treatment interventions accordingly.

  • Implement the 6-step treatment model to enhance client engagement in therapy, considering the principles of nature-informed therapy.

  • Foster client engagement in treatment by establishing personalized goals and prioritizing the therapeutic relationship, integrating nature-informed approaches such as water play. 

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of diverse anxiety treatment modalities, such as mindfulness, CBT, ACT, and logotherapy, with a focus on their compatibility with nature-informed therapy.

  • Devise strategies to calm and train the amygdala, leveraging nature-informed principles to alleviate anxiety symptoms.

  • Integrate clinical techniques addressing anxiety-related thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, including shame, blame, and excessive self-protection, within a nature-informed therapy framework.

  • Demonstrate a simple breathing technique that not only reduces acute anxiety symptoms but also serves as a metaphor for managing future anxiety, aligning with nature-informed therapeutic practices.

  • Apply straightforward yet impactful clinical interventions during sessions to help clients gain a new perspective on chronic anxiety and develop adaptive approaches to symptom management, incorporating forest therapy and blue mind perspectives.

  • Utilize cognitive therapy interventions to assist clients in managing perfectionism, procrastination, and rigid problem-solving approaches, incorporating insights from nature-informed therapy principles.

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