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CNIT has need-based scholarships available for our nature programs and training

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Scholarship at a glance:

*Exclude fundraising ticket sales


We make our nature program more affordable

Many of our staff volunteer their time or part of their time to make our nature programs more accessible to more people.

We offer scholarship

We believe in the universal benefit of cultivating a healing reconnection with the natural world. To apply for a scholarship to any of our programs, please access the scholarship application by clicking the icon

Robin Wall Kimmerer Fund


Robin Wall Kimmerer Scholarship Fund

"Give a gift, in reciprocity for what you have taken. Sustain the ones who sustain you and the earth will last forever.”

- Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Center for Nature Informed Therapy (CNIT) believes that a healing connection with nature is a possibility that should be available to everyone. Recognizing that finances can be a burden to engaging in programming, the Robin Wall Kimmerer fund seeks to provide all wanting individuals a chance to attend our events by alleviating financial barriers. CNIT is grateful to our generous donors who have made this fund a reality. 

Qualifying criteria:

Demonstrate financial need


RWK Fund

Healing & Justice Scholarship Fund

The Center for Nature Informed Therapy (CNIT) is committed to fostering social justice and healing, both within our community and beyond.

CNIT recognizes the far-reaching effects of systemic inequality on marginalized groups and is dedicated to providing services to groups that have historically experienced barriers to accessing therapeutic spaces, including Black, indigenous, and PoC communities.

Qualifying criteria:

BIPOC community member


Healing & Justice Fund

How are the scholarships funded?

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How do we use our donations?

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Our Scholarship Fundraising Event


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