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Attachment Theory in Practice:
A Nature-Informed Approach

Exploring Biophilia in Healing Attachment and Trauma

About the Training


Welcome to the Nature-Informed Attachment & Therapy Live Online Training, a pioneering program aimed at revolutionizing therapeutic practices through our inherent connection to the natural world. Led by Heidi Schreiber-Pan, PhD, LCPC, ACC this training explores biophilia—the human affinity for nature—and its pivotal role in nurturing secure attachments and promoting emotional healing. This immersive program empowers mental health professionals with innovative, nature-based tools and techniques while enhancing their understanding of how nature profoundly impacts mental and emotional well-being. Participants will delve into attachment theory, exploring how it extends beyond human relationships to encompass our connections with the natural world. This interactive and experiential webinar requires participants to have access to green space during the course, ensuring firsthand engagement with the healing properties of nature. Embark on a journey that blends the calming influence of natural environments with the complexities of attachment and therapy, promoting a comprehensive approach to healing and personal development.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the principles of attachment theory and its application to both human relationships and connections with the natural world.

  • Explore effective strategies for promoting secure attachments and emotional regulation through nature-informed therapy techniques  

  • Examine personal attachment histories and current attachment styles in relation to both human interactions and interactions with nature

  • Identify and apply nature-based interventions for trauma treatment, integrating attachment theory principles to enhance therapeutic outcomes.

  • Enhance awareness of the therapeutic benefits of nature and its role in promoting emotional healing and personal growth.

  • Explore the concept of reciprocity in therapeutic relationships, understanding how mutual interaction and exchange between therapist, client, and nature contribute to healing and growth.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Place Attachment Collaging: Engage in a creative exercise where participants create collages that reflect their personal connections and attachments to natural environments.

  • Nature Gestalt Style Dialoguing: Practice Gestalt techniques adapted for nature-based therapy, facilitating dialogues between participants and natural elements.

  • Neurobiology of Attachment: Delve into the neuroscientific underpinnings of attachment theory, examining how brain processes influence attachment styles and responses.

  • Nature's Role in Repairing Attachment Deficits: Explore evidence-based practices and case studies illustrating how interactions with nature can support the repair of attachment deficits and enhance secure attachments.

  • Hands-On Learning: Participate in experiential exercises that simulate nature-based therapeutic techniques. 

  • Small Group Discussions: Engage in facilitated small group discussions to reflect on learnings, share experiences, and brainstorm innovative approaches to integrating nature into attachment-focused therapies.

Upcoming Course

Course Date
7 Hours
Live Online

Instructor Highlights

Heidi Schreiber-Pan


Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan is a renowned expert in Nature-Informed Therapy, with over two decades of pioneering work in integrating ecological principles into psychological practice. Her academic rigor, exemplified by a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, underpins her innovative BioPsychoSocial-Spiritual Model of Well-being. Author of the acclaimed book "Taming the Anxious Mid: A Guidebook to Relieve Stress & Anxiety" and "The Outside Within: Stories of nature's role in psychological well-being".  Dr. Schreiber-Pan is also the founder of the Nature Informed Therapy Center. An impassioned educator and nature therapist, her work not only advances mental health but also underscores the vital role of environmental stewardship in public well-being.


Logistics & Registration

When: February 28th, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Where: Live Online

Cost: $180 per person

Scholarship Available: Limited need-based scholarship available.  Apply here.


CE Details 

Center for Nature Informed Therapy has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7473. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Center for Nature Informed Therapy is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs. Nature Informed Attachment & Trauma Therapy Training course will receive 6.5 NBCC credit hours. 

Our organization has applied for consideration to become an ASWB ACE provider. See a map showing what jurisdictions accept ACE here. ASWB ACE credit cannot be backdated. 

The Center for Nature Informed Therapy is solely responsible for all aspects of the program.


This program consists of 6.5 NBCC clock hours of continuing education instruction. Credit requirements and approvals vary per state board regulations. Please save the course outline, the certificate of completion you receive from the activity and contact your state board or organization to determine specific filing requirements 


More About the Training

Pre-Training Reading Suggestions:

To prepare for the webinar, participants may benefit from reading the following suggested materials:


  • Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants" by Robin Wall Kimmerer: This book combines indigenous wisdom with scientific understanding, exploring the reciprocal relationship between humans and nature.

  • Jordan, M. (2009). Nature and self—An ambivalent attachment?. Ecopsychology, 1(1), 26-31. Available via Google Scholar Database

Material Needed for the Course

  • A collection of various nature items (sticks, stones, shells, pine cones, etc)

  • A houseplant 

  • Journal 

  • Access to green space; you will be invited to spend time outdoors for a short duration during the day 

Who Should Attend

This training is ideal for mental health professionals seeking to integrate nature-informed practices into their therapeutic approach, focusing on attachment and trauma therapy.

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