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Nature Informed Practice for
Professional Growth:

Enhancing Skills for Non-Mental Health Professionals 

Expand Your Professional Tool Kit with Nature Informed Therapy (NIT) Training for Non-Mental Health Professionals

About the course


Welcome to our specialized training for non-mental health professionals*, a dynamic and innovative approach transcending the traditional boundaries of mental health practices. While our training is deeply rooted in enhancing therapeutic skills, it designed to incorporate the transformative principles of Nature Informed Therapy (NIT) into a wide range of professional practices. This unique program extends the benefits of NIT beyond traditional therapeutic settings, offering valuable skills for educators, landscape architects, healthcare providers, corporate wellness coordinators, community leaders, and more. Our training empowers participants with effective tools for promoting well-being, enhancing personal growth, and fostering a deeper connection with nature. As part of our commitment to comprehensive education, we require completion of Mental Health First Aid training, ensuring participants are well-equipped to support mental wellness in their respective fields.

*The NIT training for non-mental health professionals is conducted alongside mental health professionals, but you will be able to tailor the content to apply a Nature Informed approach in your workplace or area of specialty. Additionally, you will be grouped with other non-mental health professionals in separate breakout sessions, allowing for collaboration and idea-sharing specific to your field.

Who Should Attend

NIT training is beneficial not just for mental health professionals but also for individuals across various other fields, including:

  • Educators and School Staff: Teachers, School Counselors, Special Education Professionals, and Administrators.  Enhances the ability to incorporate nature in educational settings, offering new ways to engage and support student learning and well-being.

  • Healthcare Providers: Nurses, Physicians, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists.   Provides tools for integrating nature into patient care, enhancing therapeutic environments, and promoting holistic healing approaches.

  • Outdoor Professionals: Park Rangers, Environmental Educators, Wildlife Guides, Adventure Guides, Camp Directors.  Deepens understanding of nature's psychological benefits, enriching guided experiences and educational programs for clients.

  • Corporate Professionals: Human Resources Personnel, Wellness Coordinators, Employee Assistance Program Managers.  Offers strategies for implementing nature-based wellness initiatives, boosting employee well-being and productivity.

  • Non-Profit Sector Professionals: Community Outreach Coordinators, Program Directors, Volunteer Managers.  Equips with innovative approaches for community engagement and program development centered around nature.

  • Landscape Architects and Urban Planners: Professionals involved in designing parks, green spaces, and community gardens.  Insights into creating spaces that promote mental well-being, enhancing community health through design

  • Public Service and Community Workers: Police Officers, Firefighters, and Community Service Officers.  Provides stress reduction techniques and promotes a deeper connection with nature, enhancing community interactions and personal well-being.

  • Wellness Coaches and Life Coaches: Profess