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"Possibly, it’s our way of reaching back into our long-lost past and connecting with a wild and natural world that used to be the only home we’ve ever known: the untamed earth."


- Dr. Heid Schreiber-Pan

Founder, Center for Nature Informed Therapy 

Choose Your Path

Choose your path

Hiking offers therapeutic benefits against stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. It holistically supports your overall well-being and helps you discover your inner strength. It lowers stress levels and improves focus. It allows you to connect with peers and build a social community.

Couple Walking

Nature Walk

Difficulty: Easiest

Length: From less than a mile to 3 miles

Time Required: 1-2 hours

Pace: Slow

Setting: Garden, Nature pathway, Park

Therapy Components: Mindfulness, Stress Management Techniques


Day Hike

Difficulty: From moderate to Strenuous

Length: 2 - 6 miles

Time Required: 1-3 hours

Pace: moderate

Setting: Hiking trails

Therapy Components: Mindfulness, Stress Management Techniques, Positive Psychology Practices, Team and Community building 



Difficulty: From moderate to Strenuous

Length: 10+ miles

Time Required: 2+ days

Pace: moderate to fast

Setting: Long Hiking trails

Therapy Components: Resiliency Building, Stress Tolerance, Self-awareness, Internal & External Strength Building, Team and Community Building, Self-discovery

Mental Health Benefits of Hiking

Stress Reduction

Improve Cognitive Ability

Improve Sleep


Reduce ADHD Symptoms

Increase Creativity

Reduce Rumination

Positive Mood

Build Resiliency

Upcoming Hiking Porgrams

Spending time in the woods wholly rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul. It imbibes new energy and elevates your mood. Let our Hiking Therapy Programs help you recover from challenging phases of your life with evidence-based tools. Check out our upcoming hiking programs:

Multi-day Hike, Backpacking

Intro to Backpacking for Mental Health & Wellbeing

Immersive nature experiences have been shown to increase creativity and “clean off the mental windshield.” Join our team of expert therapists and outdoor leaders on a two night backpacking trip full of tools to assist you in connecting with the natural world around you and increasing self awareness, all in the company of a supportive community.

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