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Boulder Youth Emotion by Design Initiative

Creating Emotionally Resilient Landscapes for Children


The Boulder Youth Emotion by Design Initiative represents a groundbreaking approach to urban park design, focusing on fostering emotional resilience and well-being among children and families. By transforming urban spaces into nurturing landscapes, this initiative aims to build a profound connection to nature, encouraging children to explore a wide spectrum of emotions and develop distress tolerance skills.

Our Role:

  • Activity Development: Designing nature-based activities that promote emotional exploration and resilience.

  • Intervention Design: Crafting interventions focused on enhancing emotional literacy and distress tolerance among children.

  • Implementation & Training: Providing comprehensive training to Boulder Parks and Recreation staff for effective facilitation.

  • Evaluation: Establishing evaluation procedures to measure and optimize the impact of the interventions.


This initiative not only aims to enrich the emotional lives of Boulder's youth but also contributes to the growing evidence of nature's role in nurturing mental health.

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Boulder, CO, USA

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