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Reawaken your mountain spirit


Mountain Wellness Retreat:
A mental health week in the Alps 

About the Retreat

Join the Center for Nature Informed Therapy on a hiking retreat in the magnificent German/Austrian Alps in the glow of autumn. Stay in a traditional rustic mountain hut, savor Austrian cuisine while taking in the divine regional landscapes. We set out from the quaint town of Grafrath, Bavaria and navigate our way up to higher elevation near the German/Austrian border, before ending our journey back in Bavaria. We will visit a breathtaking mountain lake framed by snow-capped peaks. The mountains will help us unplug while leaning closer to nature’s beauty. Besides daily hiking excursions, we will learn ways to improve our well-being while practicing Tai Chi/Yoga and meditation. Let us roam wild and free with nothing weighing us down beyond a light backpack with necessities. Our spirits will be high, and our hearts open. Join us for a life changing experience. 

PIW Alpine Reg

Dates: September 7th, 2024 to September 14th, 2024 

Location: Munich, Germany & Austrian Alps 

Trip details


September 7th - 14th, 2024


Munich, Germany and Austrian Alps

Journey Overview:

Embark on an immersive 8-day journey with "Peace in The Wild Alps", a transformative expedition designed to harmonize mind, body, and spirit amidst the breathtaking landscapes of southern Bavaria, Germany, and the Austrian Alps. This expedition offers a delicate blend of physical exploration and mindful reflection, promoting overall well-being and inner tranquility.


  • Day 1: Arrival and transport, to a small village outside Munich Germany with a warm welcome and orientation, introducing participants to the transformative activities and intention-setting for the journey ahead.


  • Day 2-5: Transition to the Austrian Alps, where participants engage in tailored activities including hiking amidst the majestic mountain scenery, cycling through pristine alpine parks, and mindfulness practices by serene lakes. Activities are designed for intermediate and advanced fitness levels.


  • Day 5-6: Experience the thrill of summit hikes and the downtime at the panoramic mountain lodge, promoting self-care, resiliency, and the power of stillness.


  • Day 7: Embark on a historical pilgrimage to Abbey Andechs, highlighting themes of connection and community.


  • Day 8: Conclude the expedition and return to Munich, carrying forward the enriching experiences and insights gained throughout the journey.

Therapeutic Theme:

Immerse yourself in the vast beauty of the Alps as you journey into deep self-reflection with the 'Peace in the Wild Alps Retreat'. Amidst towering mountains, lush Alpine forests, and serene lakes, discover what truly resonates with you and envision the person you aspire to become. Harness the power of intentional journaling—a proven method for self-awareness, often overlooked in our busy lives. By putting pen to paper, you'll sift through the constant flow of thoughts, connecting with parts of yourself that often remain hidden. Join us and embrace this transformative experience, redefining your sense of self amidst nature's majesty.


“The capacity to push my body to work out all the pent up emotions and have a physical release was something I have never experienced in this way.  All of the negative emotions were able to be left on the mountain- I was transformed into a peaceful connection with the earth and nature became my greatest teacher. This allowed for a deep sense of equilibrium and inner serenity."

Bev Gorman, 2023 Participant

The Center for Nature Informed Therapy curated a thoughtful and enlightening trip through the Austrian Alps. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys the outdoors and is looking for an opportunity for self-reflection.

Katelynn Zidanic, 2023 Participant

Trip Photos


Peace in the Wild Alps Retreat Cancellation Policy:

  1. Early Cancellation: For cancellations made over 90 days prior to the retreat's start date, we will issue a full refund, less a $50 administrative fee.

  2. Cancellation Within 90 Days: We regret that we cannot offer refunds for cancellations made within 90 days of the retreat's start date. This policy is in place due to the expenses already committed, agreements with third-party vendors, and the extensive planning involved.

  3. Booking Transferability: If you are unable to attend the retreat, you have the option to transfer your booking to another individual. Please notify us at your earliest convenience to

  4. Travel Insurance Recommendation: We strongly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance to cover potential unforeseen circumstances leading to cancellation.

For more details or queries, please contact us at

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