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"Nature’s Healing Path: A Comprehensive Guide to Nature Informed Therapy (2nd Edition)" is not just a book; it’s a meticulously crafted journey for therapists and enthusiasts looking to intertwine mental health and the potent healing power of nature. Updated and enriched by the Center for Nature Informed Therapy, this guide anchors itself as a seminal resource in the landscape of therapeutic practice infused with nature’s wisdom.

Commencing with a foundational understanding of Nature-Informed Mental Health and Wellness, the book unfolds a pathway leading to the core of human experience—navigating through anxiety, resilience, acceptance, connection, and a deep-seated joy intertwined with nature’s embrace. Each module within the guide introduces a spectrum of strategies, practices, and tangible interventions, allowing for a personalized and adaptive approach to facilitating mental well-being.

Key Inclusions:

  • In-depth Modules: Dive into a range of specialized modules covering essential aspects such as Rewiring the Anxious Brain, Radical Acceptance, Human Rewilding, and exploring the landscapes of Lasting Joy and profound Connection.
  • Hands-on Practices: Engage with a plethora of activities, exercises, and practical interventions such as the 'Raisin Meditation', 'Blue Marble Exercise', and 'Nature Walk Mandala', each a vessel to facilitate profound self-discovery and healing through nature.
  • Innovative Exercises: Uncover a wellspring of creative therapeutic strategies such as 'Human/Tree Physical Touch', 'Stone Skipping', and 'INNER CHILD WORK in Nature', each designed to nurture a harmonious connection with the self and nature.
  • Reflective Readings and Quotations: Enhance each therapeutic session with selected readings and quotes, cultivated to bolster a sense of mindfulness, grief navigation, and ecological identity recognition within the therapeutic journey.

"Nature’s Healing Path" encourages the practitioner to embody a sense of adaptability, embracing a tapestry of methods ranging from scientific to spiritual, traditional to innovative, each echoing with the therapeutic potential of nature’s realm.

Whether a seasoned practitioner or someone stepping anew into the realms of nature-informed therapy, this guide is a beacon, illuminating the paths towards facilitating healing, resilience, and an enriched understanding of the symbiotic relationship between nature and the human spirit.

Nature's Healing Path, 2nd Edition - Paperback

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