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Nature's Calming Embrace: Taming the Anxious Brain with Dr. Schreiber-Pan

iHeart Radio, Power98.5

Mar 18, 2023

Unlock the Power of Nature for a Resilient and Mindful Life

Don't miss Dr. Schreiber-Pan's insightful interview on the Resilient YOU podcast with Alicia Pozosny, airing this Saturday at 11 AM Eastern on! As a renowned mental health expert, Dr. Schreiber-Pan will share invaluable insights on taming the anxious brain using nature as a powerful ally. By incorporating mindfulness, grounding techniques, and a deep connection to our natural environment, Dr. Schreiber-Pan will provide practical advice and tips on how to conquer anxiety and improve mental well-being. Tune in to this fascinating conversation to explore the incredible benefits of embracing nature in your journey towards a more resilient and balanced you.

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