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Let Nature Healing Start


Apr 18, 2021

Center for Nature Informed Therapy Grand Opening

MONKTON, MARYLAND, USA, April 18, 2021 / -- Monkton, Maryland (4/18, 2021) - Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative (CMHC) is celebrating its grand opening of their Center for Nature-Informed Therapy. The Center for Nature Informed Therapy is the first of its kind in Maryland. The open house will take place on April 18th between 1-4pm in Monkton, Maryland at PuhTok in the Pines. Everyone who is interested in learning how to incorporate nature and mental health is invited to attend. The afternoon will feature a keynote lecture by Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan, founder and clinical director of the Center for Nature-Informed Therapy and CMHC. The public is encouraged to RSVP online to sign up for the following demonstration sessions such as the following:

● Mindfulness in Nature

● Nature Informed Stress Reduction

● Backpacking Gear and Prep

● Yoga & Tai Chi In Nature

● Environmental Art Making

● Equine Therapy

● Feng Shui: using nature’s energy to harmonize living space

● Naturalist Walk & Talk

Finally, there will be light refreshments, music and a silent auction whose proceeds will go to nature program scholarships.

Nature Informed Therapy (NIT) is a form of clinical counseling that integrates the healing properties of the natural world into mental health treatment. This emerging practice is rooted in empirical research that demonstrates that mindful, intentional activities in nature have a positive and long-lasting effect on mental health. The Center offers everything from therapeutic hikes, to teen mindfulness groups, to nature immersion retreats and clinicals mental health counseling.

Through nature-based research, Dr. Schreiber-Pan, has improved upon our understanding of nature’s ability to help individuals reduce mental health challenges. This center represents a lifetime of effort and she is excited for the team she built it with and the impact it will have on Marylanders.

“In this time of isolation, disconnection and fear, Nature Informed Therapy works to reconnect people to themselves and all of the beings that are in the natural world,” says Philip McKnight a Nature Informed Therapy Practitioner. “By learning about and incorporating nature-based therapy in their lives, people will have a chance to reconnect which can help these negative feelings. These feelings come from disconnection, and NIT reconnects people through the natural world.”

Currently, the Center has established partnerships with Irvine Nature Center, Ladew Topiary Gardens, Puh'Tok in the Pines and Talmar, a Horticulture therapy organization.


About Center for Nature Informed Therapy

The Center for Nature Informed Therapy is a clinical mental health organization that specializes in integrating the natural world into psychotherapy through nature informed counseling and group programs. As a division of CMHC, Center for Nature Informed Therapy offers programs ranging from walk & talk sessions, wilderness retreats, nature immersion backpacking trips, to certification programs for mental health professionals. For more information about the Center for Nature Informed Therapy, visit its website at

About Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative

Founded on the principles of clinical excellence, diversity, and equal access, CMHC has been delivering best-in-class mental health care since 2014. With some of the highest-rated experts in the field of anxiety, trauma, and grief, CMHC offers services ranging from therapy, psych evaluation, medication management, life coaching, to workshops. For more information about Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative, visit its website at

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Brendan Oconor

Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative

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