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Nature Informed Therapy

Integration of Nature into Counseling

Nature Informed Therapy

Nature Informed Therapy: Enhancing Clinical Practice with the Healing Power of Nature

Nature Informed Therapy represents a groundbreaking shift in therapeutic practices, merging the restorative elements of the natural world with the foundations of evidence-based treatment modalities. This approach not only parallels the principles of Ecotherapy but also extends its reach by focusing on mending the rift between humans and nature. It aims to address the adverse effects of disconnection from the natural environment on mental health, fostering a rekindled bond with nature, self, and others. This workshop introduces mental health professionals to the innovative methodologies of Nature Informed Therapy, guiding them on how to transcend traditional indoor sessions and embrace the therapeutic potential of the outdoors.

Core Concepts of the Workshop:

  • Foundational Understanding: Grasping the essence of Nature Informed Therapy and its similarity to, yet distinctiveness from, Ecotherapy.

  • Healing through Nature: Exploring the myriad ways in which nature's inherent healing properties can be integrated into therapeutic practices.

  • Reconnection: Strategies to mitigate the negative psychological impacts stemming from a disconnection with the natural world.

Benefits and Outcomes for Participants:

By participating in this workshop, mental health professionals will:

  • Deepen Their Toolkit: Acquire unique strategies that leverage the natural environment to facilitate deep therapeutic work.

  • Enhance Client Engagement: Discover how settings outside the traditional therapy room can break down barriers and foster stronger therapeutic alliances.

  • Evidence-Based Practices: Learn about the latest research supporting the efficacy of Nature Informed Therapy, ensuring practices are grounded in science.

  • Personal and Professional Growth: Experience firsthand the benefits of nature immersion, enriching not only their practice but also their personal well-being.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is ideally suited for psychologists, counselors, social workers, psychotherapists, and other mental health practitioners interested in expanding their practice to include nature-based interventions. It is equally valuable for students and educators in the mental health field seeking innovative approaches to therapy.

Join Us:

"Nature Informed Therapy: Integration of Nature into Your Clinical Practice" is more than a workshop; it's an invitation to pioneer a movement towards a more holistic, nature-integrated approach to mental health care. Empower your practice, transform your therapeutic relationships, and witness the profound impact of the natural world on healing and human connection.

Mental Health Professional

Mental Health Professional

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